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  • Polymer Battery Laboratory Glove Box for Lithium Ion Batteries Cell
Polymer Battery Laboratory Glove Box for Lithium Ion Batteries Cell

Polymer Battery Laboratory Glove Box for Lithium Ion Batteries Cell

  • Model: AOT-VGB-4
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Origin: China
  • Key Performance: H2O and O2 less than 1PPM
  • Product description: Polymer Battery Laboratory Glove Box for Lithium Ion Batteries

Brief Introduction

Double station, single-sided operation, integrated with single-column purification unit, PLC control and touch screen operation, vacuum pump, bracket, a closed cabinet with tilting operating surface and detachable safety glass front window. Under standard conditions , that is, 20 degree centigrade constant temperature, a standard atmospheric pressure, 99.999% inert gas source, water and oxygen index is less than 1 ppm.


glove box function

Closed loop

The inert gas in the glove box is closed and closed by the circulating fan and the purifier, continuously removing water and removing oxygen.


Automatic control regeneration

De-watering and deoxidizing materials can be regenerated, and the regeneration process is controlled by the program.

Automatic cleaning

The atmosphere in the glove box is replaced by an automatically controlled cleaning valve

Box pressure control

The pressure inside the glove box is automatically controlled by the PLC. The working pressure can be set freely within +/- 10mbar, and the automatic protection is beyond +/- 12mbar.

Vacuum pump automatic control

The vacuum pump requires automatic opening when the system requires it


Basic configuration

Integrated with enclosed cabinet (with inclined operating surface and detachable safety glass front window), transition chamber, circulation purification unit (single column), PLC control and touch screen operating system, vacuum system, display system, bracket, etc.


2 set 304 stainless steel box, acid-resisting, thickness :3mm.                   

1 stainless steel vacuum transitional chamber, φ360*600mm, on the right side.

1 small stainless steel transitional chamber,φ150*300mm, on the right side.

2 front window with 2 glove ports.

2 pairs of butyl rubber gloves.

2 set of lighting system

1 power socket inside the box

1 set of high-performance circulating fan

1 set of purification system

1 set of organic solvent adsorption

1 vacuum pump

1 set of PLC control and touch screen operating system

7 DN 40 KF backup interface (the number can be customized)

1 set of water analyzer and oxygen analyzer

1 bracket and trundle

1 foot pedal


Key components



Vacuum Pump




Water Analyzer


Oxygen Analyzer




Purification Materials

BASF、BAYER (Germany)




BURKET (Germany)


LEGRIS (France)

PLC & Touch Screen

SIEMENS (Germany)

Pressure Gauge

WIKA (Germany)

Integrated Valve Base



Technology parameters                       



Glove box


Box inner size: (L*W*H)=2440×750×900mm

Box material: stainless steel 304, thickness 3mm

Inner surface: stainless steel wire drawing treatment

Outside surface: paint, white

Front window

Tilt windows, transparent tempered safety glass, thickness 8 mm

Glove ports

The material is polyoxymethylene, O-ring seal, self-lubricating performance, easy to maintain, and good sealing performance


Butyl rubber, diameter 8", length 32"


0.3 microns, a gas inlet and a gas outlet


Stainless steel, 2 layers


LED lights, installed in front of each glass window


Standby interface7pcs, DN 40 KF, Power interface 1pc (220V)

Bigger transitive cabin


Size: diameter 360mm, length 600mm

Material: 304 stainless steel

Surface: inner surfacewire drawing process, outer surface painting (white)


Sliding tray: 304 stainless steel

Door: double door, anodized aluminum material, thickness 10mm, vertical operation, with lifting mechanism

Pressure gauge: Analog display


Solenoid valve touch screen automatic operation

Smaller transitive cabin


Size: diameter 150mm, length 300mm (100mm lengthinto the glove box)

Material: 304 stainless steel

Surface: inner: wire drawing process, outer: painting (white)


Door: double door, button press

Pressure gauge: analog display

Small compartment tray: 304 stainless steel


Manual valve manual operation

Gas purification circulation system

Purification column

Function: gassealed, remove water, remove oxygen 

Container material: 304 stainless steel

Purification materials: copper catalyst: 5kg, molecular sieve: 5 kg

Purification capacity: oxygen: 60L, water: 2Kg

Water and oxygen indicators: less than 1ppm

Circulatory system

Working gas: nitrogen, argon

Recycling capacity: integrated fan flow 90m³ / h, install frequency conversion


Operation: PLC automatically controls the regeneration process

Regeneration gas: working gas mixed with hydrogen gas, (hydrogen 5-10%)

Vacuum pump

8m³ / h, rotary vane pump, with oil mist filter, air vibration control


Main valve: DN 40 KF, electrically operated angle valve

Control valve:electromagnetic integrated valve (stainless steel integrated valvebase, single column for the six valve integration)

Control System


Including self-diagnosis, power-off self-starting characteristics, with pressure control and adaptive function

Automatic control, cycle control, password protection, unit control using Siemens PLC touch screen

Pressure control

Control box, transition chamber pressure,the working pressure of the cabinet can be set freely within +/- 10mbar, and the system automatically protects beyond +/- 12mbar.


Control the box pressure, easy to operate boost and buck

Display system

Using Siemens PLC touch screen, display running status, box pressure, system records etc

Vacuum system control

Vacuum pump, can be manually or through the PLC to start, flow 8m³/h,vacuum of the transitionchamber, and keep the box pressure balance, vacuum pump limit vacuum ≤ 2x10-1pa

Optional components

Water analyzer

Measuring range: 0 ~ 500ppm

A wide range of applications, especially for lithium manufacturing and metal organic and otherusers, the water probe can be cleaned by the regeneration process to restore the initial state, can be reused

Oxygen analyzer

Measuring range: 0 ~ 1000ppm

The use of ZrO2 sensor, to avoid the fuel cell life is short,and avoid the problem of itcan not be exposed in the air

Organic solvent adsorber

Size: diameter 136mm, height 256mm, filled with 2kg activated carbon, placed inside the box, can quickly replace the material, and does not destroy the high purity atmosphere


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