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Xiamen AOT battery equipment Technology Co.,LTD was set up as a manufacturer in 2006. We have total manufacturing facilities of around 4, 000 square meters and more than 50 staff. Owning a group of experienced engineers and staffs, we can bring you not only reliable products and technology, but also excellent services and real value you will expect and enjoy.

AOT Battery has been focused on product development and operations of lithium battery and its surrounding, we supply full kinds of lithium-ion battery equipment, lab battery raw materials and lithium-ion battery research and development technology. Our clients mainly from universities, research institutes and famous company laboratories all over the world.

We are one of the world's lithium battery equipment manufacturing, development and technology in the forefront. We have built more than 300 laboratory research lines for coin cell, pouch cell and cylindrical battery cell, and now, we are developing in pilot scale battery production line.

We have our own manufacturing base factory as well as many sub-contracting factories, which enable us a reliable manufacturing ability and quality control system. We are capable of supplying equipment according to customer’s different requirements, and we have lots of successful projects in many different countries and regions, like Europe, Eastern and Southern Asia, America. “Profession, Valuable, Sincerity” is the mission of our team, earning us a sound reputation among our clients.

We have a more than 15 years professional and experienced exporting team to supply perfect services for you.



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Cooperated with more than 30 well-known company worldwide,

Main Markets: Russia, America, Australia, France, Germany, England, Israel, Iran, South Korea, Thailand and so on



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