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Reasons Affecting The Service Life of Lithium Batteries

Reasons Affecting The Service Life of Lithium Batteries


There are many factors that affect the service life of lithium batteries, mainly for the following reasons:

1. Aging of lithium battery materials

The internal materials of lithium batteries material mainly include: positive and negative active materials, binders, conductive agents, current collectors, battery separators, and battery electrolytes. During the use of lithium batteries, these materials will be accompanied by a certain degree of decline and aging.

lithium battery material

2. Charge and discharge criteria

Made a comprehensive comparison of several common charging methods in daily life, and found that in the later stage of constant current charging, because the current is too large, the internal gas of the lithium battery will be formed and the lithium battery will be damaged;

In constant voltage charging, the current is too large at the initial stage of charging, which directly damages the lithium battery;

Constant current and constant voltage charging and step constant current charging methods overcome the defects of constant current charging and constant voltage charging, and have the least damage to lithium batteries.

3. Temperature

Different types of lithium batteries have different operating environment temperature requirements, too high or too low temperature will have a direct or direct impact on the service life of lithium batteries. Taking the 18650 battery type lithium iron phosphate battery as an example, the capacity decay of the lithium battery is relatively slow when it is cycled at room temperature, but at a temperature of 55°C or higher, the lithium battery will show some failure behaviors.

4. Monomer Consistency

Lithium battery modules generally connect several single lithium batteries in series or in parallel. According to research, the life span of lithium battery packs is always less than that of the single lithium battery with the shortest life span, and the life span of a single lithium battery with a life span of 1000 times is less than 200 times after grouping. Before the actual group application of lithium batteries, they will go through the process of screening and grouping to eliminate single cells with large differences in performance parameters, so as to minimize the impact of differences in the production process of lithium batteries on performance.



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