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The 6th G20-Lithium Battery Summit will be held in October 12

The 6th G20-Lithium Battery Summit will be held in October 12

Abstract: The 2nd meeting of the 6th G20-Lithium Power Summit will be held on October 12th at Shangri-La Hotel, Jiangsu Province. The meeting was hosted by China Aviation Lithium Battery Co.  Ltd. The theme was: Pressure, Power, Force and Endurance.

The strategic judgment of the G20-Lithium Power Summit member companies brainstorming is the bright light for the development of the lithium battery industry. In the past few years, as a G20-lithium summit that runs through the industrial chain, it has made forward-looking research and constructive response ideas for industrial development at key moments. Therefore, the G20-Lithium Power Summit Bulletin has become an important basis for decision-making in industrial chain enterprises.

6th G20-Lithium battery summit 1st meeting

Summit topic focus

Power battery field:

Changes in market competition after the return of Japanese and Korean companies

The path of cost reduction and the difficulty point

Potential risk and opportunity space for power battery companies overseas (Europe, Southeast Asia)

High-nickel system battery large-scale loading schedule

Market space and product demand for emerging applications such as energy storage, light vehicles and ships

Improve battery safety, battery companies' requirements for materials and equipment suppliers

Key battery material field

Supply safety and compliance of cobalt, nickel and lithium

After the high nickel formula is differentiated, the cooperation mode between battery companies and cathode enterprises changes.

The diaphragm industry integration curtain opened

Giant head of the negative

Electrolyte enterprise market competition "moat"

Risk control of materials companies overseas to build factories

Battery Equipment and manufacturing

Equipment company "living law" in the era of low profit

Domestic customer choice and abandonment

Product extension strategy for lithium battery equipment companies

Joint development of equipment enterprises based on segmented package mode

Process innovation and equipment upgrade for key processes such as lamination, lithium replenishment, and drying

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