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A New Solution In The Field Of Pouch Cell Batteries - SPS (Super Pouch Solution)

The core idea of Funeng SPS battery is as follows:

1) Change the traditional standing posture of the soft-packed batteries into a lying posture, and then stack them layer by layer to form the stacks described in each patent, so that the space on the top of the battery box can be effectively used, Therefore, battery packs with the same XY direction can match the requirements of the whole vehicle with different power levels and different chassis heights on the same platform according to the height of the stack;

Pouch Cell Battery

2)  In the SPS battery, the end plate and the crossed and vertically placed cooling plate divide the entire box into many independent spaces, which are used to place the cell stack and limit the cell stack;

3)  The above-mentioned end plates only exist at both ends of the battery pack. Compared with the original end plates for each module, the number is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the weight of the entire pack;

4)  The cooling plate mentioned above supports and cools the cell stack. Thermal glue is filled between the cell and the cooling plate. Therefore, a cell stack has two surfaces that are liquid-cooled at the same time, and three surfaces are conducting heat;



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