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CATL Battery Manufacturer Q4 Net Profit Exceeded 10 Billion in 2022

On January 12, CATL announced that the net profit in 2022 is expected to be 29.1 billion yuan to 31.5 billion yuan, up 83% - 98% year on year.

In the first three quarters of 2022, CATL achieved a net profit of 17.6 billion yuan. Based on this calculation, the net profit of CATL in the fourth quarter of 2022 reached 11.5 billion yuan - 13.9 billion yuan, and the single quarter profit exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time.

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The reasons for the overall performance increase are: firstly, the new energy industry at home and abroad has developed rapidly, and the power battery and energy storage industry market has continued to grow.

According to the data, the annual production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles in 2022 will reach 7.058 million and 6.887 million respectively, with year-on-year growth of 96.9% and 93.4% respectively. The market share reached 25.6%, 12.1% higher than that in 2021.

The total installed capacity of power battery in the whole year was 294.6GWh, with a year-on-year increase of 90.7%. With 142.02GWh installed capacity, CATL ranked first with 48.2% of the market share.

In the field of energy storage, according to the GGII survey data, the shipments of lithium batteries for energy storage in China will reach 130GWh in 2022, with a year-on-year growth rate of 170%.

The growth rate of the shipments of lithium batteries for energy storage in CATL reached 300% - 500%, with a significant year-on-year growth.

Second, CATL has continued to increase investment in research and development and innovation, continuously launched industry-leading product solutions and services, and strengthened market development and deepened customer cooperation.

In June 2022, CATL launched the CTP 3.0 Kirin battery, the system integration reached a new high in the world, the volume utilization rate exceeded 72%, the system energy density reached 255Wh/kg, and the vehicle range reached 1000 kilometers.

On December 30, CATL Kirin battery was named the best invention in 2022 by TIME.

In terms of the market, CATL has maintained a market share of nearly 50% in China, while receiving a lot of international long orders.

Third, the release of high-quality production capacity in the early stage layout has significantly improved the production and sales volume, and promoted the company's continued leading position in the global market.

From the perspective of capacity expansion process, in February, the total investment in the fourth phase of the Fuding era lithium-ion battery production base project was 5 billion yuan, with a total capacity of 25GWh; September Xiamen Times New Energy Battery Industry Base Project (Phase I), with a total investment of 13 billion yuan; In December, Shandong Times New Energy Battery Industry Base Project, with a total investment of 14 billion yuan.

At the same time, Ningde Times has planned to build a second European factory in Hungary, with a planned land area of about 2.21 million square meters. The construction period is expected to be no more than 64 months. After the completion of the project, the power battery capacity of 100GWh will be achieved.

The orderly expansion and release of global high-quality capacity will also continue to establish the leading position of CATL in the global power battery and energy storage battery.


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