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TeamGiant shares insist to the pouch cell route

TeamGiant shares insist to the pouch cell route

Recently, the high-tech lithium battery team visited Guangdong TeamGiant New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“TeamGiant Shares”), and had an in-depth exchange with Chairman Zeng Honghua on the current development of the lithium battery industry and the company's market development strategy.

TG new energy insist pouch cell route


Talking about the status quo of the industry, Zeng Honghua believes that a large number of battery companies are facing tremendous pressure to survive. The development strategy has also changed from the rapid expansion of market grabbing and capacity expansion to optimizing customer structure and enhancing competitiveness to survive. The real explosion of the energy car market.


In this regard, TeamGiant's strategy is to adhere to the soft-package technology route, focusing on improving the product safety and cost reduction of soft-packed batteries, and developing more competitive products for different application markets.


In terms of market, TeamGiant shares focus on two major markets: power battery and energy storage. Among them, the power market is mainly based on new energy passenger cars and logistics vehicles. At present, it has already supplied batches for a number of passenger car OEMs, and is still sending samples to many OEMs. In terms of logistics vehicles, TeamGiant Co., Ltd. focuses on developing some customers with competitive products and good payment terms, and strictly controls market risks.


In the energy storage market, TeamGiant is actively exploring the 5G communication backup power market and grid side energy storage, as well as the household energy storage market. At present, a number of energy storage batteries have been developed and supplied to domestic energy storage system integrators in batches as an important part of the company's business.


In terms of capacity expansion, TeamGiant's Foshan base equipment has entered the market. It is expected to launch trial production in November. The first phase will release 4GWh of production capacity and the total production capacity will reach 8GWh. The products are mainly for the high-end passenger car market.


In terms of product development, in addition to continuing to increase the energy density of soft pack batteries, TeamGiant is still developing new battery technologies.


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