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  • Laboratory Standing Box for Battery Electrolyte Diffusion
Laboratory Standing Box for Battery Electrolyte Diffusion

Laboratory Standing Box for Battery Electrolyte Diffusion

  • Model: AOT-SB-300
  • Application: Battery Electrolyte Diffusion
  • Type: Vacuum Box
  • Origin: China
  • Product description: Laboratory Standing Box for Battery Electrolyte Diffusion

Pouch cell lab equipment (VACUUM STANDING BOX for Battery Electrolyte Diffusion)

This equipment is mainly used for absorbing the electrolyte and making it mix with electrode more completely under the condition of vacuum when injecting liquid to pouch cells and cylindrical batteries. The whole equipment is made of high-quality electronic component and materials. It is applicable for batteries in all sizes, with easy operation and efficient production. It is the perfect multifunction equipment for lab.

Features :
1. Vacuum keeps stable and vacuum degree does not descend too much.
2. Multi-stage circulate operation function makes the electrolyte fuses more complete.
3. Trough perspective window can observe the changes inside the chamber.
4. The upper chamber is driven by cylinder and guided by four linear guide bushes to move up and down          flexibly and guide accurately that ensures the product sealing demand.
5. Applicable for batteries in all sizes and adjust simply and conveniently.
6. Split design of main machine and control box makes the machine can work either in glovebox or on            production line.
7. Simple operation, nice appearance, small volume and light weight.

Application :

Battery lab

Battery research

Lithium ion battery lab

Material research



Item Name

Pouch cell vacuum standing box AOT-SB-300

Chamber Material

Aluminum that is anti- corrosion, and structure is stable.

Diffusion time

0 ~ 9999s

Vacuum degree

Can reach -90KPa( vacuum pump should be self-supplied by the buyer).





Compressed air source


Working temperature


Dimension of the inside chamber


Moving part of executive chamber

About L510mm*W300mm*H820mm

Controller Dimension


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