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  • Semi Automatic Pouch Cell Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine
Semi Automatic Pouch Cell Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic Pouch Cell Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

  • Model: AOT-DC-300
  • Origin: China
  • Max cutting size: 300*300mm
  • Safety Protection: Built in Safety Curtain
  • Product description: China manufacturer pouch cell battery electrode die cutting machine for laboratory and pilot scale production line


Replacement of die cutter is convenient, quick, consumable (die cutter is life about 30000 times);

Manual and continuous feeding, automatic discharging, and can automatically separate waste;

No quality defects such as burrs, off powder, indentation;

Between manual and automatic, high efficiency, 800-2000 / per hour;

Simple operation, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, small size.


1 Semi-automatic electrode die cutter is mainly used for pouch cell electrode sheet cut for stacking pouch cell battery. It is a necessary tool in the production line of pouch cell to produce specific shapes of cathodes and anodes with current collector tabs.

2 This Semi Automatic Die Cutter machine adopts Safety Curtain built in the front of the machine and double start button ensures operation safety when electrode sheets are fed from the front.

3 High speed, high accuracy, long lifetime to make ready electrode without burr, to get a good consistency.

4 This model has max die dimension with 300*300mm, if you have large size requirement, please contact us for more information.

Technical Parameter


Battery Electrode Die Cutter Machine AOT-DC-300

Work voltage

AC110V/220V, 50/60HZ




One year limited warranty with lifetime support

Max cutter die size

300mm(L) * 300mm(W)

Die Set Dimensions

One set of standard electrode die is included.within the dimensions:

200mm(L) *300mm(W) Customized size die is available upon request

Safety Protection

Built in Safety Curtain to protect against hand injures during electrode feeding

Double start press button

Cutting Accuracy


Air Cylinder

3 tons Max. pressure

Tensile Cylinder

0.15 tons pressure

Cutting stroke




Production Yield

800 - 2000 pieces of electrodes per hour

Air Pressure




650*550* 900mm

Net Weight


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