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How to control the uniformity of battery coating?

How to control the uniformity of battery coating?

There are many influencing factors of coating uniformity, such as human, battery machine, battery material, coating method and process, but the basic factors are several conditions directly related to the coating process: coating substrate, adhesive, coating steel rolls / rubber rolls and laminating machines.

1) Coating substrate: mainly material, surface characteristics, thickness and uniformity.

2) Adhesive: mainly its working viscosity, affinity to the surface of the substrate and adhesion.

3) Coated steel roll: It is both the direct carrier of the adhesive and the support base for the coated substrate and the rubber roller, so it is the core of the entire coating mechanism. The shape tolerance, rigidity, dynamic and static balance quality, surface quality, temperature uniformity and heat deformation state all affect the uniformity of coating.

4) Coating rubber roller: rubber roller refers to an important variable of coating quality, and its material (such as rubber layer life), hardness, shape and position tolerance, rigidity, dynamic and static balance quality, surface quality, and heat deformation state also affect To uniformity of coating.

5) Copier: It is the basic platform for coating. In addition to the accuracy and sensitivity of the coating steel roller and rubber roller pressing mechanism, it also includes the highest speed of design operation and the overall stability of the machine.

Coating lateral uniformity and its control

The uniformity of the coating width direction is mainly affected by the following factors:

1) Geometrical tolerances of steel rolls and rubber rolls.

2) Relative to the contact pressure between the steel pipe and the substrate.

3) The adhesive is distributed in the lateral direction, here mainly refers to the viscosity of the adhesive and the corresponding transfer rate. It is mainly determined by the combination of the first two factors and its working viscosity.

Longitudinal uniformity of coating and its control

Substrate type, surface quality and consistency;

The running speed of the machine, the number and frequency of the machine's lifting speed;

Viscosity of the adhesive, consistency of viscosity for long-term operation;

The quality of the rubber roller, especially the elasticity, wear resistance and heat resistance of the rubber roller;

Control mechanism and structure of the amount of glue applied to the solventless compound machine;

The structure of the compounding machine glue system;

Environmental factors, etc.

Only lateral and longitudinal uniformity are guaranteed and the overall uniformity of the coating can be achieved. In contrast, the uniformity in the direction of the coating width is generally affected by the machine itself.

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