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How to Improve The Safety of NCM Battery Cathode Material?

The NCM battery material refers to a composite electrode material obtained by co-melting three kinds of electrode materials, and theoretically has the characteristics and advantages of each electrode material. Lithium nickel cobalt manganese (LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2) is currently the most mainstream NCM battery material and is considered to be the future development trend. It uses cobalt, manganese and nickel salts as raw materials to obtain different electrode characteristics by blending the ratios of cobalt, manganese and nickel.

Compared with lithium iron phosphate and low-nickel NCM materials, high-nickel NCM materials have a greater specific energy advantage due to the higher proportion of nickel. From 333, 532, to 622, to 811 (the ratio of nickel, cobalt, and manganese), in recent years, with the investment in research and development, the high-nickel process of NCM materials “can not stop”.

As the NCM energy density continues to increase, the thermal stability of the material will become worse and worse. The graph below shows that the decomposition temperature of the material gradually decreases as the Ni content increases.

The safety of NCM high-nickel materials can be solved step by step through material modification optimization, surface coating and electrolyte adjustment.

1 Coating of ceramic alumina, Al2O3 can consume HF in the battery system by forming Al-O-F and Al-F layers, and the charging voltage can be increased to 4.5V.

2 Control the Ni content in a reasonable range (811 is of course more unstable than 622).

3 Performing appropriate doping coatings on other metal elements (Al, Mg, Ti, Zr) can improve the structural stability, thermal stability and cycle stability of the material.

4 The use of additives to optimize the electrolyte can effectively promote the formation of high-quality surface film on the surface of the electrode material, while inhibiting the oxidative decomposition of the electrolyte.

5 High-boiling point and flash point flame retardant additives are added to the electrolyte. Commonly, there are organic phosphorus and fluorophosphate series.

6 The choice of ceramic separator, to improve the thickness of the membrane substrate and coating, the use of a new type of non-woven fabric with low temperature shrinkage.

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