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Lithium Supplementation Technology Progress

Lithium Supplementation Technology Progress

Abstract: Lithium supplementation technology can effectively avoid the shortage of silicon carbon anodes and improve energy density

Lithium batteries used in electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage devices have increasingly higher energy density requirements. However, the general graphite anode material for lithium batteries has a theoretical specific capacity of 372mAh/g, which is no longer sufficient.

Battery Graphite

The current trend is to use silicon carbon materials for the negative electrode, with a specific capacity of 4200mAh/g. However, the negative electrode silicon carbon has the problems of low charge and discharge efficiency for the first time, large swelling, and pulverization during long cycles.

The lithium supplement technology can effectively avoid the shortage of silicon carbon anodes and improve energy density. Specifically, it has two main aspects:

On the one hand, increase the active lithium ion content, compensate for the active lithium loss during the first week of charging and discharging, and increase the reversible capacity of the battery in the first week. On the other hand, the volume of the anode material is pre-expanded, which reduces the cracking and polarization of the material particles during the lithium intercalation process, and improves the mechanical stability and cycling of the anode.

However, once the lithium supplement is not handled well, it can easily cause lithium dendrites. At the same time, during the lithium supplement process, if other inactive residual substances are doped, the energy density of the battery will be greatly reduced.

Some insiders pointed out that the biggest bottleneck of the lithium supplement process is particularly harsh on the environment. On the one hand, lithium metal is chemically active, and if it is not used properly, it will catch fire and explode, which is very dangerous. On the other hand, the cost of materials and equipment transformation is high, and the economic benefits are not high.

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