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Principles of Lithium-ion Battery Formation

Why should it be transformed into?

After battery manufacturing, the process of activating the internal cathode and anode electrode materials through certain charging and discharging methodscharging and discharging tester) to improve the battery's charging and discharging performance and comprehensive performance such as self discharge and storage is called formation.

What is transformation?

1. The formation of lithium cells is the initial activation of batteries, activating the active substances in the cells, which is a process of energy conversion.

2. The formation of lithium cells is a very complex process and also an important process that affects battery performance. When Li+is first charged, it is inserted into the graphite and undergoes electrochemical reactions within the battery. During the first charging process, it is inevitable to form a passivation layer covering the surface of the carbon electrode at the interface between the carbon negative electrode and the electrolyte, People refer to it as a solid electrolyte phase interface or SEI membrane (SOLID ELTROLYTE INTERFACE).

3.The formation of SEI film consumes limited lithium ions in the battery, which requires the use of more lithium-containing positive electrode materials to compensate for lithium consumption during the initial charging process; On the other hand, it also increases the resistance at the electrode/ battery electrolyte interface, causing a certain voltage lag.

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