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How To Choose A Mixer For The Preparation Of Lithium Battery Electrode Slurry

The preparation of electrode slurry is a key part of the lithium battery process, and the quality of the electrode slurry directly affects whether the next step can be carried out.Slurry preparation is a non-Newtonian high-viscosity fluid formed by mixing active substances, binders, solvents, thickeners and other powders and liquids evenly.The fluid needs to have a certain viscosity (which needs to be tested with a viscometer), good flow, and a sufficiently small particle size.

What kind of equipment is required for the preparation of electrode slurry to meet the mixer machine?

Lab Battery Mixer

1. The capacity is large enough

The manufacture of batteries requires more pole pieces, and requires better consistency of the cells. This requires that the slurry needs to have a certain consistency. In the actual stirring process, the slurry in each pot may not be exactly the same due to the stirring operation, time, feeding sequence and other reasons.Even under the same process conditions, the viscosity of each slurry is not necessarily the same.Therefore, the mixer needs to have a certain capacity

2. Has a good vacuum sealing system

3. The material of the mixer has strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and stable physical and chemical properties

4. The structure of the agitator blade is reasonable, and the design of the stirring speed meets the requirements

In addition to sufficient stirring power and stirring range in the mixer, the shape and mechanical design of the mixer blades have a great influence on the preparation of the slurry. It must be ensured that the stirring range of the agitator is large enough, and there is no dead angle in the stirring vessel. Biaxial or even triaxial planetary agitators are currently used in larger mixers to ensure that no powders or lumps of living material are not uniformly mixed into the slurry.

5.Mixer safety


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