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About sodium ion batteries, you should know...

About sodium ion batteries, you should know...

Recently, the chairman of CATL, Zeng Yuqun, revealed at the 2020 annual shareholders meeting that CATL will release sodium batteries around July this year, and further stated that “our technology is developing and sodium-ion batteries have matured”.

Sodium ion battery is a new industry, but it is not a brand new battery technology route. As early as the 1970s, the research on sodium ion batteries was carried out almost synchronously with lithium batteries, but due to the limitations of the research conditions at that time and the market's preference for lithium ion batteries, the research progress of sodium ion batteries was slow.

In recent years, the local supply of raw materials for lithium-ion batteries has been insufficient, and more than 60% of the lithium raw materials used in the production of lithium salt in China need to be imported, which is highly dependent on foreign sources.

The sodium-ion battery has many advantages such as extremely rich reserves, high safety, low cost (large-scale), and support for fast charging, and the market is heating up significantly. Zeng Yuqun once said bluntly, "Sodium chloride (price) can't be fried, there is a lot of salt."

In addition, sodium does not form an alloy with aluminum, and both the positive and negative electrodes can use Aluminum Foil current collectors to construct bipolar batteries, further reducing cost and weight. At the same time, sodium batteries are highly similar in structure and packaging process to lithium batteries, and the original lithium battery factory can directly produce sodium batteries without major changes.
HiNa Na-ion Battery
As of 2020, there are nearly 20 domestic and foreign companies that have industrialized sodium-ion batteries. It mainly includes the British FARADION, the American Natron Energy, the American Aquion Energy, the French NAIADES planning group, the Japanese Kishida Chemical, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and other international companies, as well as the Zhongke Hai Na, Sodium Innovative Energy, Star Sky Sodium and other domestic companies.


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