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Customized width Celgard 2400 delivered to Turkey

Customized width Celgard 2400 delivered to Turkey

Celgard2400 Lithium Battery Separator is 25um Thick PP Separator For Button Battery lab research, general size is 85mm width and 60meters length, MOQ is 1 roll, we have them in stock. Customized width and length is acceptable, but price and lead time need to check with our sales person.

Dr.Burcu from Turkey wanted to have wide Celgard 2400 with 154.2mm, he found us on our website from google search engine, then sent enquiry email to us and asked for it, after knew his application in lab, finally, we made two rolls for them and now goods was shipped out.

Check standard packing below:

Celgard 2400 PP separator

Celgard 2400 PP membrane

Celgard 2400 packing


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