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AOT Celebrating Birthdays for Employees

Caring for employees, moving you, celebrating birthdays for employees

The day of birth is the most important day of your life for everyone. This is the day when everyone receives blessings and happiness. AOT celebrates birthdays for employees, so that every birthday employee can receive full of blessings and happiness, and feel the warmth of AOT's big family.


On August 9th, the company gave an unexpected surprise to the employees of the August birthday. A birthday party with unique features reflects AOT ELECTRONIC's full care for our dedication, and at the same time it also gives all attendees. Colleagues brought happiness, narrowed the distance between us and enhanced team cohesion.


It’s better to be happy than to have fun.


With the fluttering of "Happy Birthday to You", the climax of the birthday party's activities, the wave of laughter and waves, everyone has been happy in the event, enhancing the feelings and friendship between colleagues. It has enhanced mutual understanding and communication, and also built a corporate culture. I believe that through the joint efforts of all AOT personnel, we can certainly have a harmonious and friendly, united and forge ahead, full of warmth and care for the big family. Finally, on behalf of the company, only the employees who wished all birthdays in August 2018, happy birthday, 18 years old, have a successful career. Write the most magnificent chapters of life for our common cause.


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