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Li ion Battery Cathode Anode Raw Material Ship to India

High Quality Li ion Battery Raw Materials Shipped to India

Thanks for the trust from Raja, after serval days continue discussing, he finally choose us and give first order to us, it is all for li ion battery lab research, including lithium manganese oxide NMC 811 622 532, MCMB Artificial Graphite, nickel cobalt aluminum and so on.


We provided very good quality materials for our customer, and we have ability to deliver powder and liquid products to you.


Let’s have a look at the packing of these lithium battery raw materials:


AOT ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD which has 10 years experience in LITHIUM ION BATTERY field. We provide full kinds of battery equipment and material, the lab research line is available according to the requirements of customer.


Contact: Ms.Lika (Sales)

Email: sales@aotbattery.com

Phone: 0086-19906035385


Web: www.aotbattery.com


Contact: Lika

Phone: +86-19906035385

Tel: 0086-592-7161550

Email: sales@aotbattery.com

Add: No.168, Zhaogang Road, Xiamen City, China

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