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CR2032 Coin Cell Parts and Lithium Chips Delivered to The Netherlands

CR2032 Coin Cell Parts and lithium chips Delivered to The Netherlands

Really happy to cooperated with Dr.Alex and esteemed company in The Netherlands. They bought 8 sets of 5V10mA coin cell tester from AOT battery company 2 month ago, and they are very satisfied with our battery equipment, so order more battery machine and battery materials from us.

CR2032 Coin cell parts include CR2032 cases (positive case and negative case), conical/Wave Spring, spacer(0.2mm / 0.5mm / 0.8mm /1 mm thickness for your choice). As for lithium metal chips, there is some general size for your choice: 15.6mm Dia. with 0.25mm thickness, 15.6mm*0.45mm, 16mm*0.4mm, 16mm*0.6mm, 18mm*1mm etc. Of course, we can supply other special size according to your requests.

Fast delivery speed and good packing is part of our advantages, let’s check it out:

CR2032 Coin Cell Parts

Pure Lithium Metal Chips

Lithium Chips for Coin Cell

Lithium <a href=http://www.aotbattery.com/Li-ion-Battery-Material.html target='_blank'>battery material</a>s Package

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