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Coin Cell Battery Laboratory Equipment Shipping to the Netherlands

Aotbattery is a professional company engaged in lithium battery experimental equipment - lithium battery pouch cell battery equipment, lithium battery cylindrical equipment, lithium battery button equipment, lithium battery coating machine, sealing machine, roller machine, drying box, etc. We are committed to providing customers with battery experimental solutions and creating a one-stop service for battery experimental equipment.

Today, three more lithium battery laboratory equipment were exported to the Netherlands, including roller machines, coating machines, and electric crimping machines.

Coin cell criping machine

coin cell battery machine

In terms of roller machines, the company has always been committed to researching and producing high-quality roller machines to meet the needs of customers in the lithium battery production process. Roll forming machine is one of the essential equipment in the production of lithium batteries, used to roll and shape the electrode plates of lithium batteries to achieve the required thickness and density.

High precision control: The rolling thickness control accuracy of the roller machine can reach ± 0.01mm, ensuring that the thickness of the lithium battery is uniform and consistent, thereby improving the performance and stability of the battery.

Quick replacement of roller shaft: The roller shaft of the roller machine can be quickly replaced, making it convenient for customers to use in different situations and improving production efficiency. 

Uniform bilateral pressure: The roller machine adopts a design with uniform bilateral pressure to ensure that the polar plates are evenly stressed during the rolling process, avoiding problems such as wrinkles and deformation.

Automation control: The roller machine adopts automation control, which is easy to operate, reduces human interference, and improves product quality and consistency.

Convenient maintenance: The maintenance of the roller machine is simple and convenient, made of high-quality materials, with a long service life, saving customers maintenance costs.

Except for the roller machine, all other equipment is manufactured using advanced technology and processes, which are efficient, stable, and reliable, and can meet the various needs of customers in the research and production process.

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