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AOT Cylindrical Battery Sorting Machine Shipped to Greece

AOT cylindrical battery sorting machine with 20 channels shipped to Greece.

AOT-ST-20C20 channels automatic loading and sorting machine is mainly for automatic testing the voltage and internal resistance of cylindrical batteries, such as 18650, 26650, 32650, 21700. The level of each battery cell is calculated according to the software setting of the host computer, and different grades of batteries are transferred to different channels according to the determination result, thereby achieving automatic sorting of battery products.

Cylindrical Battery Sorting Machine

18650 Battery Sorting Machine


1Channel sorting of cylindrical battery sorting machine

The 18650 lithium battery sorting machine is divided into: 2-speed sorting machine, 6-speed sorting machine, 10-speed sorting machine, and 20-speed sorting machine, or called 2-speed sorting machine, 6-speed sorting machine, 10-speed sorting machine, and 20-speed sorting machine.

2Composition of cylindrical battery sorting machine

.Feeding silo section

The feeding mechanism feeding bin is made of bakelite and has a dedicated feeding box. Manual labor only needs to place the feeding box in the feeding bin position, but the bottom stopper can be pulled out, which is very convenient for feeding without any jamming. The motor drives the rolling groove teeth, which are sequentially rolled into the battery and transported to the buffer material belt;

Feeding mechanism

The PVC belt is used to transport the battery cells, with a discharge method of one discharge and two discharge. The conveyor belts on both sides are used for transportation and testing respectively, and synchronous testing is highly efficient;

3. Testing the conveyor belt mechanism

The conveyor belt mechanism is composed of a conveyor belt and a material blocking mechanism. When the number of sensors is close to ten, OCV testing and sorting of the battery cells begins. There are two sets of OCV testing and sorting structures, one on the left and one on the right, so that there is no need to worry about shutdown or material jamming. If there are abnormalities on one side, production can continue on the other side.

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