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Gotion High-tech 50GWh power battery project started

Gotion High-tech 50GWh power battery project started

On December 7th, Guoxuan High-tech 50GWh power battery project officially started in Hefei Xinzhan High-tech Zone. The project is constructed in two phases, the first phase will be officially put into production before the end of March 2023.

As an important part of Gotion's globalization strategy, after the project is put into production, it will provide a new generation of battery technology and products for world-class automobile companies.
Gotion High-tech 50GWh power battery project started
In terms of products, the energy density of Gotion high-nickel ternary batteries exceeded 302 Wh/kg, and the system energy density exceeded 200 Wh/kg, and it successfully achieved large-scale mass production. The battery has been equipped with a variety of mid-to-high-end models, and is currently the most widely covered high-energy-density battery product with the largest shipment volume.

Important progress has also been made in the layout of semi-solid batteries. Gotion has provided semi-solid batteries for domestic high-end pure electric vehicles to achieve a cruising range of over 1,000 kilometers, which is double the first-generation model.

In terms of market development, Guoxuan Hi-Tech recently won an order for power batteries from a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors. The two parties have determined that the total power delivered between 2022 and 2025 will not be less than 10GWh.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech recently revealed on the interactive platform that the company's production capacity will reach 50GWh by the end of this year, 100GWh by the end of 2022, and 300GWh by 2025.

At present, its upstream material layout has covered lithium, cobalt, nickel, precursors, ternary materials, LFP materials, lithium titanate, cathode electrodes, anode electrodes, copper foils, battery separators, battery electrolytes, solvent and additives, etc.


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