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Manual coin cell crimper machine shipped to Canada

Manual coin cell Crimper machine shipped to Canada


We, AOTELEC have exported 15 sets of coin cell crimping machine this month, and this one is the 16th set. Thanks for the trust from Canadian client in Ottawa, Canada. It is our first business, before this coin cell crimper was shipped out, we already got another order for coin cell disc cutter and 316ss coin cell cases from them, the new order is under process, it will be shipped out next week.


This manual coin cell crimper is a hydraulic type, with a compact size and light weight, it can be put inside the glove box and work in that gas atmosphere, it is a necessary tool for lab coin cell battery research, suitable for CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032 coin cell cases sealing. You can also use it for disassembling purpose by changing a die set.


The below photos for your reference, welcome to inquiry.

Coin Cell Crimper for Lab

Manual Coin Cell Crimping Machine for Lab


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