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Sodium Battery Materials Exported to South Korea

Export of composite  Sodium (Na)foil and Sodium(Na) metal chips  for sodium batteries to Hanyang University in South Korea, to support research on sodium batteries at Hanyang University

Sodium foil Surface-protected sodium metal foil, with Aluminum Foil as a composite support, can be used to be both a current collector and anode material.

Composite Sodium(Na) Foil

Purity:   99.7%

Size:    0.45mm thick x 120 mm W x 300mm L (30 μm aluminum as support),100mm*400mm*100um(T),and Customizable。

Packing:  Double-side coated aluminum plastic strips for protection and placed in an argon gas-filled bag. Vacuum-sealed in double-layer aluminum foil bags.

We also offer other sodium battery materials. If you are interested, please contact me.

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sodium chips



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