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18650 Battery Cases with Cap and Isolators Export to UK

The lithium battery pack of Tesla car are using 18650 battery cells, more and more universities and research institutes are doing 18650 battery research, they will need 18650 cases with cap and isolators in their laboratory.

We are China supplier of 18650 battery parts, include battery cases, battery cap and battery isolators. Of course, we can also manufacturing lithium battery equipment for their application, such as 18650 battery grooving machine, and cylindrical battery sealing machine, they are both key equipment for cylinder cell processing in lab.

One of our clients from UK choose sample quantity of 18650 cases and cap, we send 18650 battery isolator to them for free, below are the packing for your reference, check it:

18650 cylinder case with cap

18650 battery isolator

18650 cases packing

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