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Stainless Steel CR1220 Coin Cell Cases Ship To Germany

304 Stainless Steel CR1220 Coin Cell Cases Ship To Germany

In lithium ion battery lab, CR2032 and CR2025 are most popular prototype for researchers to assembly coin cells and study lithium ion battery performance.

But one customer from Germany bought one set electric crimping machine equipped with CR1220 crimping die for their coin cell research last month, we send 100pcs free cases along with coin cell Crimper, after checking the quality, they choose to buy other 1000pcs CR1220 coin cell cases.

Just to let you know, we can not only supply CR20XX series coin cell cases, like CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032; but also supply CR1220, CR1025, CR1616, CR3032, CR3048, CR2430, CR2450 stainless steel cases for your choice. If you also required special size of coin cell cases or different size of Coin Cell Spacers, we can make it for you.

Below is packing for your reference:

CR1220 Coin Cell Cases

Stainless Steel CR1220 coin cell case packing

304ss CR1220 coin cell cases package

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