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3 examples to solve the problem of power battery laser welding

3 examples to solve the problem of power battery laser welding

The following describes the application and advantages of HighLightFL-ARM adjustable ring spot mode laser in battery welding with three examples of battery cell welding, connection piece and busbar welding, and battery module and battery pack welding:

01 Laser welding seam of Al-3000 square battery: almost no pores and no splash
Laser spot welding for Al-3000 Square batteries
Square battery cells generally use 3000 series aluminum alloy as the outer shell, and laser welding is needed to seal and weld the top cover. If the traditional fiber laser is used, it is difficult to solve the problems of welding spatter and pores, and the stability and reliability of the battery are affected.

02 Welding of connecting metal piece and bus bar: copper and aluminum are the same without splashing
Laser spot welding for Al and Cu connector
The connection piece and the bus bar generally use 1000 series aluminum alloy or T2 copper, which has very high requirements on the welding surface quality and spatter.

The HighLightFL-ARM laser equipped with a five-step anti-reflection process system has been welded and tested. Whether it is copper foil or Aluminum Foil, there is almost no splash.

03 Welding of modules and battery packs: high-series aluminum welds without cracks
Different laser welding method for battery pack
Using the HighLightFL-ARM ring spot technology, by optimizing the power ratio of the ring spot and the center spot, the light extraction time and other parameters, the welding of the 5000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminum alloys with less porosity, less spatter and cracks can be achieved.

It is not difficult to see from the above examples that the related company HighLightFL-ARM adjustable ring spot mode laser technology solves the problem of power battery laser welding, and also greatly improves the quality and efficiency of the laser welding process.


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