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5 Bottles Lithium Metal Chips Shipped to USA

5 Bottles Lithium Metal Chips shipped to USA

Lithium (Li) is a silver-white metallic element, soft in nature, and the least dense metal. Used in atomic reactors, making light alloys and lithium batteries, etc.

And for lithium battery research, lithium chips is very popular in coin cell assembly. Many universities and research institute are buying lithium disc from us.

For the lithium chips, we have the general size (diameter*thickness): 15.6mm*0.25mm, 15.6mm*0.45mm, 16mm*0.4mm, 16mm*0.6mm, 18mm*0.5mm etc. Other size can be customized.

As for the frequency quesitons of how many pcs are there in one bottle(100g/bottle), actually, we don't know the real number of chips in one bottle, but we can caculate it.

The density of lithium metal is 0.534g/cm3, the size is 15.6mm(diameter)*0.25mm(thickness), the volume of each chip is about 0.05cm3.

So, there is about 100g/0.534g/cm3/0.05cm3=3500pcs in one bottle.

This order is from University at Buffalo, finally, they choose to buy 5 bottles for their lab, check below:

5 Bottles Lithium Metal Chips

Lithium Chips for Coin Cell Battery

Lithium Chips Packing

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