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High nickel battery prepared for battle 9 series era

High nickel battery prepared for battle 9 series era

At present, NCM811 batteries and NCA batteries with a nickel content of 80% have been mass-produced and supplied. In order to further reduce costs and enhance competitiveness, new high-nickel batteries with a nickel content of more than 90% have become the research and development focus of battery companies.

A significant signal is that Japanese and Korean battery giants, including Panasonic, LG New Energy, Samsung SDI, and SKI, have announced that they will soon mass produce or even mass produce new battery products with 90% nickel content. This means that the high nickel power battery is about to enter the 9 series era.

However, compared with the 8-series high-nickel battery, the 9-series high-nickel battery is more difficult to mass produce, and the vehicle installation verification cycle is longer, which puts higher requirements on its upstream raw materials. At the same time, it also poses challenges to battery companies in terms of production process control and material system formulation optimization of ultra-high nickel batteries.

At present, the ternary battery is the mainstream of the power battery market, and the cathode material system includes NCM523, NCM622, NCM811 and NCA.

Energy Density of Battery Cathode Materials

The high cobalt content of the above-mentioned positive electrode materials has led to the high cost of the ternary battery and the pressure of a shortage of cobalt raw materials.

Increasing the nickel content in the material and reducing the cobalt content have become the main path for battery companies to reduce battery costs and increase energy density.

Among them, NCM9 series, NCA9 series and NCMA batteries with a nickel content of 90% or more can reduce the cobalt content to 10% or even less than 5%, becoming the next generation of leading products for many battery companies.

However, compared with conventional ternary materials and precursors, the technical barriers of 9-series high-nickel precursors and cathode materials are higher, resulting in a slower industrialization process for 9-series high-nickel batteries.


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