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Electric Coin Cell Crimper Machine Shipped

Today, five electric Crimper  machines have been inspected, packaged, and tested, and shipped to Ireland.This Irish customer has been buying lithium battery research Laboratory equipment and lithium battery materials from us for several years.

Due to the expansion of the project, their team members have increased by over 30 people. The previously purchased electric crimping machines were not sufficient, so they ordered five more in the middle of last month.

I am very satisfied with the quality and service of our equipment.


This device mainly has the following characteristics:

*Touch screen operation, easy to set parameters, high degree of automation;

*The sealing pressure value can be set and displayed.

*Glovebox Φ If there are no obstacles (skateboards) in the 360 transition chamber, it can be directly passed through the transition chamber, with small volume and convenient operation;

*Adopting electric drive, the battery seal has no vibration and no leakage;

*The precise mold design ensures accurate and reliable sealing and forming, and the sturdy steel structure design ensures stable and safe use;

*Small size, easy operation, can be placed in the glove box for operation;

*Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, with advantages such as small volume, convenient operation, and accurate molding;

Electric Coin Cell Crimper Machine


Coin cell lab machine include coin cell disc cutter (coin cell punching machine), coin cell crimper, coin cell battery tester, wet film applicator (doctor blade), vacuum mixing machinefor battery slurry, automatic film coating machine for lab, glove box for battery research, two electrode split test cell, three electrode split test cell etc.


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