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Lithium Battery Materials Shipped To Indonesia

Todays colleagues in the warehouse, the first thing to do at work is to package, organize, package and prepare the battery materials needed by Indonesian customers for delivery.

The customer's order was received on Monday, and the shipment will be arranged today.Because customers are in urgent need of these battery materials, we happen to have stocks in stock, which can meet the needs of customers. Thank you for choosing to cooperate with us.

Battery materials mainly include:(1.PP Battery Separator2.Copper Foil3.Nickel Metal Foam4.Coin  cell case5.Lithium Metal Chips)

lithium battery material

lithium battery materail

We also supply lithium metal  machine,(Coin Cell battery equipmentPouch Cell Lab EquipmentBattery Test Equipment ect

If you are interested, please contact me.


Contact: Lika

Phone: +86-19906035385

Tel: 0086-592-7161550

Email: sales@aotbattery.com

Add: No.168, Zhaogang Road, Xiamen City, China

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