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Sodium ion Metal Chips Changes Outer Packaging

Because the customers are all abroad, considering that the outer packaging of the sodium anode chip is easily deformed during the transportation of the product, once our AOT company updated and adjusted the outer packaging.

The upgraded packaging has been approved by our customers in Taiwan.Customer says it's the best packaging he's ever bought.

Sodium Anode Chips

Instructions for use of sodium ion metal chips :

1. Peel off the protective film on the surface (both sides) of the sodium anode sheet and use it. One side of the Aluminum Foil is a blue protective film, and one side of the sodium anode sheet is a transparent protective film, which can facilitate the observation of the surface of the sodium anode sheet;

2. First peel off the blue protective film on one side of the aluminum foil, then peel off the transparent protective film on the side of the sodium negative electrode piece, and first clamp the entire sodium battery negative electrode piece with widened flat tweezers.

When the film is peeled off, it will not cause serious deformation of the sodium anode sheet;

3. Then use stainless steel pointed tweezers or round-tipped tweezers to clamp a point on the edge of the sodium electrode negative plate and pull it outwards, start up, and then extend it along the edge, and then remove the protective film, and then the whole film can be removed.

When installing the battery, the aluminum foil is facing the battery case, and the sodium anode sheet is facing the separator to assemble the button battery.

Reminder: The black outer packaging can be opened directly in the air, and the inner vacuumed aluminum-plastic film bag must be opened in the glove box.


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