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Weilai Releases A New Battery Pack

The new battery pack adopts a mixed arrangement of ternary lithium + lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can reduce the low temperature endurance loss by 25%.

New Type of Lithium Battery Pack

The new battery pack has the following points worthy of attention.

First, the new battery pack adopts ternary + lithium iron phosphate battery cell hybrid technology, and the battery cell suppliers are all from the Ningde era.The combined battery module composed of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells and ternary (NCM) cells is connected in series and integrated into a battery pack to form a dual-system battery system.

In the above-mentioned dual-system battery system, there are various types of ratios of lithium iron phosphate batteries to ternary batteries, including 5:1, 3:1, or 1:1.

Second, the new battery SOC algorithm is adopted, and the power estimation accuracy is consistent with that of the ternary lithium battery.According to the official introduction, the new battery pack adopts the dual-system SoC algorithm, making full use of the advantages of the ternary iron-lithium dual-system, through the organic combination of algorithms, hardware, and dual-system batteries.

Achieve accurate estimation of SoC, and reduce the calculation error of traditional iron-lithium SoC from 10% to 3%.

Third, the new generation of CTP technology is applied, the manufacturing and assembly are simplified by 10%, the volume utilization rate is increased by 5%, and the energy density is increased by 14%, reaching 142Wh/kg.


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