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Introduction for Battery Raw Material Aluminum Foil and Copper Foil

Li-ion battery material

AOT ELEC, we provide all materials for making battery.For copper foil we Can provide thickness 6-30um the standard width is 200mm, but it can be customized according to your needs.Also, we have carbon coated copper foil, the thickness of carbon is 1um, you can choose single sided or double sided coated.

Li-ion <a href=http://www.aotbattery.com/Li-ion-Battery-Material.html target='_blank'>battery material</a> Al Foil

For Aluminum Foil thickness 12-30um, standard width is 200mm and can be customized Also, we have carbon coated aluminum foil lum carbon coated thickness.

Copper foil for lithium battery

we can supply metal foam, like copper foam, nickel foam, aluminum foam, etc.

If you have any needs, please contact us freely, thank you.


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