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A journey of innovation for battery mixers

In the vast field of battery manufacturing, the battery mixer, as a key equipment, plays a pivotal role. Today, let's walk into the world of this device and explore the technological charm behind it and two typical battery manufacturing materials.


Battery mixer, as an indispensable part of the battery production line, its importance is self-evident. From the outside, it may be just an ordinary metal barrel body, but inside it contains a lot of advanced technology. First of all, it adopts an advanced intermediate temperature measurement form, and the temperature measurement rod is directly inserted into the material for temperature measurement, which can ensure the accurate measurement of temperature and provide a strong guarantee for the preparation of battery slurry. At the same time, this mixer also takes the form of barrel body rise, which not only makes the equipment can better cooperate with the automated production line for production, but also greatly improves the operation stability and service life of the machine.



In addition to these basic designs, the battery mixer is also equipped with an emulsifying device, which is a very practical feature. The high-speed emulsifier and the dispersion plate can be used simultaneously or interchangeably, which greatly improves the fininess of the battery slurry. In the preparation process of battery slurry, the traditional mixing method often appears the phenomenon of "skin wrapped meat", that is, some materials are not fully mixed, and this mixer can effectively solve this problem to ensure the uniformity and stability of battery slurry.


Of course, an excellent battery mixer not only needs to have advanced technology and design, but also needs to be able to perfectly match a variety of battery manufacturing materials. Next, let's introduce two typical battery production materials: lithium-ion battery materials and nickel-metal hydride battery materials.


Lithium-ion battery is one of the most commercialized batteries at present, and its positive electrode materials mainly include lithium cobaltate, ternary materials andlithium iron phosphate. These materials have the characteristics of high energy density, long life and good safety, making lithium-ion batteries widely used in mobile devices, electric vehicles and other fields. The battery mixer plays an important role in the production process of lithium-ion batteries. Through precise mixing and mixing, the battery mixer can ensure that various materials are fully mixed, providing a strong guarantee for the performance of lithium-ion batteries.


Another typical battery material is nickel-metal hydride battery material. Nickel-metal hydride battery is one of the batteries widely used in new energy vehicles and other fields, and its main materials include different negative electrode materials such as hydride, different positive electrode materials such as nickel hydroxide, as well as electrolytes and diaphragms. These materials also require the precise mixing and mixing of battery mixers to ensure the performance and stability of the battery.


In the use of battery mixers, we also need to pay attention to some key details. For example, the design of the mixing paddle is very important. The impeller of this mixer adopts a more scientific and finer pitch design, and the impeller itself is also cast by precision grinding pure stainless steel, which ensures the uniformity and stability of the mixing. At the same time, the spacing between the drum wall and the mixing paddle has also been carefully designed to ensure that there is not too much friction and wear during the mixing process.


In addition, the maintenance and maintenance of the battery mixer is also very important. Regular cleaning and inspection of various parts of the mixer and timely replacement of worn parts are the key to ensuring long-term stable operation of the mixer.


In short, the battery mixer is an important equipment in the battery production line, and its advanced technology and design provide strong support for the battery production. Whether it is the production of lithium-ion batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries, it is indispensable to the precise mixing and mixing of this equipment. With the continuous development of science and technology, I believe that battery mixers will usher in more innovations and breakthroughs in the future.


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