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  • Ultrasonic Metal Welder Battery Spot Welding Machine for Tab
Ultrasonic Metal Welder Battery Spot Welding Machine for Tab

Ultrasonic Metal Welder Battery Spot Welding Machine for Tab

  • Model: AOT-USW-4500W
  • Origin: China
  • Power: 4500W
  • Welding Ability: 10-60 layer electrode
  • Product description: ultrasonic metal welder battery spot welder for lithium ion battery tab welding in R&D lab


Ultrasonic metal welding machine use ultrasonic frequency vibration principle to change ultrasonic vibration energy into friction energy and transfer to the metal surface to be welded ,while the friction produces heat under the pressure, the metal structure of molecules fully activation of the fusion between the molecular layer of the formation of the new equipment.



Microcomputer control, electronic tuning frequency.

Power adjustable, operate simple, and run stable and reliable.

LED display keeps the machine visible in operation and regulation.

Imported components, good performance in energy output.

Overcurrent protection and soft start can keep the machine safe.

Easy installation and operation.

Not only similar metal, but also dissimilar all can welding together. it can weld metal slice or sleave to thick metal. Usually used for transister or IC's leads welding.



High-quality ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability.

Good conductivity and resistivity very low or almost near to zero.

Oxidation or plating metal can be welded.

Short weld time, no need additional flux, gas, solder.

No welding sparks, environment protection and safety.

Without the need for frequent replacement of amplifier due to stepless adjustment of the amplitude.

Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no distortion, no pollution, welding firm, and convenient operation.

Welding material does not melt non-fragile metal properties.

Pairs of welding metal surfaces that require low, oxidation or plating can be welded.  



Battery Welding Machine  AOT-USW-4500W


Ultrasonic spot welding machine

Power Source

AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz

Max output power




Control mode

CPU control

Air supply

More than0.5MPa


Less than 48%


Less than 45 degree centigrade

Welding ability

1.10-60 sheets 0.09-0.012mm Cu foil + 0.1-0.3mm Ni or Ni-Coated copper

tab welding.

Welding point : 4*6, 4*8, 4*10, 4*12 mm customized

2. 10-60 sheets 0.09-0.012mm aluminum foil + 0.1-0.3mm Al tab welding.

Welding point : 4*6, 4*8, 4*10, 4*12 mm customized

3. 0.2mm Al belt +0.2mm Ni belt or Nickel-clad copper wrapping welding.

Welding point : 4*6, 4*8, 4*10, 4*12mm customized

4. 2-4 sheets 0.2mm Al tab or 2-4 sheets 0.2mm Ni tab weld.

Welding point : 4*6, 4*12mm customized


One year limited warranty with lifetime support

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