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Battery Grade Sodium Metal Chips shipped

Yesterday, three bottles of sodium metal chips were shipped to Germany. This customer is a new customer and found us through the official website.Because of our professional service, we left a good impression on customers and gave us orders very quickly.

The diameter of the sodium metal chips is 15.6 mm, the thickness is 0.4~0.5 mm, and the purity is more than 99.7%. It is specially used for coin cell batteries (CR2032, 2025, 2016). The size of the sodium chips is uniform, the surface is smooth and bright, and it can be stored for a long time. are inconsistent, there will be burrs and scratches on the surface, which will affect the consistency of battery performance. Using quadruple protection packaging technology, the sodium sheet is covered with Aluminum Foil on one side, which acts as a support and current collector, and also plays the role of protecting the sodium. In addition, both sides are covered with a protective film, which can protect the sodium sheet and avoid oxidation. Put the sodium flakes in plastic bottles, then put them in aluminum plastic bags, and then put them in iron jars for preservation, so as to ensure long-term preservation and safety.

Grade Sodium Metal Chips

We also supply lithium metal chips,Used in lithium ion battery, reactor carrier and organic synthetic vitamins,synthetic rubber, medicine, pharmacy, alloy materials etc.

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