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Lithium Battery Slitting Machine Precautions

When using the lithium battery  slitting machine, before using the winding power combination of the stripper equipment, the staff should first idle the equipment for a period of time to check whether there are foreign matters and obstacles in the working parts of the machine and the lubrication of each working part. After the slitting operation of a roll of material is completed, the winding power shall be disengaged, and the roll will be automatically and stably discharged to the ground by the hydraulic rocker arm by pressing the unloading button.

Generally, before opening the slitting machine, the staff must complete a series of inspections and admit that it is normal before opening the equipment to enter the working state. Of course, it is also necessary to make preparations, such as combining the actual processing requirements, installing the prepared core on the winding shaft in advance, placing the winding shaft of the slitter in the winding base, and centering the position of each roll.


Lithium Battery Slitting Machine

Next, it is also necessary to press the slide button of the cutterbed, which is mainly for the convenience of pressing the roller onto the winding roller surface of the slitter equipment. After that, properly adjust the lower cutter to align its blade with the joints of each core tube on the winding shaft one by one, and then lock the lower cutter. In addition, the upper and lower tool shafts should be properly adjusted to make the upper and lower tool engagement depth about 1.5 mm. Close the upper blade and clamp it evenly.


In the process of opening and improving the slitter equipment, the first thing is to pay attention to the need to control the tension of the strip during the slitting process to ensure the flatness of the slitting end face;

The second is to properly control the degree of conflict between the strip surfaces, and then make the strip surface accuracy meet the requirements.

Slitting Machine for Cylindrical and Pouch Battery



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